About us

Tele Haiti is the first television company in Haiti. Started in 1959, over the air broadcasting was cutting edge technology. The first home televisions were being sold by Tele Haiti as well to help promote viewership. Like everything in life technology evolves and so did Tele Haiti. We have openened the airwaves of free to air from the 60’s to the 80’s and developed the first cabled network in Haiti. Tele Haiti has enjoyed a leadership in the market for over 60 years and continues to work hard in maintaining it’s success by investing everyday in it’s employees and on cutting edge technology. After the tragic earthquake of 2010, Tele Haiti was forced to rebuild the cabled network that was destroyed. After 12 months of regrouping and planning Tele Haiti unvailed a wireless delivery system. Tele Haiti was able to reconnect those that were more fortunate after the earthquake in a very short time span. Today we are rebuilding our cable network with other telecommunication partners and we plan to deliver better television solutions to our customers.

Why Tele Haiti ?

Tele Haiti has the widest range of content selection in Standard and High Definition. Our plug and play solution is made simple and easy to use. Once you get home with your modem, It will litteraly take you less than 5 minutes to start watching great television .

We’re your home away from home!

We know there’s no better way to stay connected than with entertainment, news, and sports from your home country. That’s why we offer a wide selection of international channels in english, spanish and french.

Tele Haiti

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